Events and Promos



Dufremol store chain constantly enlarges the assortment with new products and also holds promotions for Customers. On this page you will find information about world novelties that become available for sale in Dufremol shops. Also we will tell how legendary branded products were created and how they became the part of world history.

Our releases will inform you about Dufremol promotions such as product presentations, tastings, discounts, gifts for Buyers and many others.

17 May 2017
Product Extension: Furla Bags
15 May 2017
The Presentation of Dior Novelty
11 May 2017
The Tasting of Strawberry Liqueur
10 May 2017
The Tasting of Lindt Chocolate
5 May 2017
Gifts to All from Dufremol
4 May 2017
The Tasting of Finlandia Vodka
3 May 2017
Stylish Gifts from Lacoste
29 April 2017
Price off: May 2017
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