Dufremol shops regularly make promotions for Buyers. Partners and suppliers offer to try their products. During the promotion period certain products may be purchased with discount. Besides, when buying some products, Buyers get nice gifts.

Every month Dufremol holds PRICE OFF. Each event lasts for a month: during this period certain premium-class products are sold at a discount. Sales managers of Dufremol stores will provide you with detailed information, which you can also find on the pages of our web site.

News from
29 April 2016
May 2016: Price Off
27 April 2016
Easter Gifts in Chisinau Airport

Dufremol team wishes you a Happy Easter and offers special gifts for everyone. April, 25-26 with purchase over 79EUR, one gets s valuable gift.

The range of goods in Dufremol stores includes sweets, alcoholic drinks, cosmetics, perfumery, toys, clothes and accessories from famous brands and many other pleasant things. Feel free to get surprises for your relatives and friends for the upcoming holidays.

The offer covers all items, except those on special offers and products, produced in Moldova.

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