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Dufremol store chain constantly enlarges the assortment with new products and also holds promotions for Customers. On this page you will find information about world novelties that become available for sale in Dufremol shops. Also we will tell how legendary branded products were created and how they became the part of world history.

Our releases will inform you about Dufremol promotions such as product presentations, tastings, discounts, gifts for Buyers and many others.

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22 April 2016
Novelty Toys: AURORA
18 April 2016
Novelty: Kids Fragrances from Disney and Hello Kitty

Dufremol perfume stores expanded the assortment with fragrances for kids from Disney and Hello Kitty.

Disney fragrances are filled with freshness and lightness. The Spanish company Air-Val International manufactures perfumery of Disney. Cologne for boys feature grass bitterness and fresh notes of sea breeze. Girls’ aromas will fit young ladies and romantic girls. The compositions include floral and fruity notes with grass accords. Such fragrances are made of natural ingredients, being 100% hypoallergenic.

Fragrances from Hello Kitty are produced by Koto Parfums. The recipes exclude spirit, so only natural ingredients are used for the production of children’s perfumery from Hello Kitty. Descreet compositions are filled with warmth, joy and softness. Such bouquets will fit both girls and young women, who prefer subtle odors.

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