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Dufremol store chain constantly enlarges the assortment with new products and also holds promotions for Customers. On this page you will find information about world novelties that become available for sale in Dufremol shops. Also we will tell how legendary branded products were created and how they became the part of world history.

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2 January 2019
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24 December 2018
Perfume Splendour: Juliette Has a Gun

DFM perfumery now offers products from unique sassy brand Juliette Has a Gun. Every sophisticated fragrance declares the character of the wearer.

The brand’s name expressively reflects its concept: a scent is the weapon of seduction. The founder Romano Ricci is a great-grandson of designer Nina Ricci. Most of his childhood, he spent at the perfumery factory, listening to his granddad’s stories about the creation of new bouquets. Young boy trained his sense of smell, learnt to identify and arrange scents. Romano Ricci: “I wanted to offer to modern woman a new universe: lost between romance and desire of independence, Juliette is armed because she affirms her personality.”

Romano Ricci decided to move Shakespeare’s Juliette to XXI century and gave her a gun. The fragrance is aimed to become a universal weapon of a modern woman. It’s got everything in it: intensity, charm, uniqueness and disarming femininity. Each fragrance is the episode of Juliette’s life with a special mission: the demonstration of romance and rebellion, immediacy and complex personality.

First fragrance was launched in 2006. Since then Juliette Has A Gun has won thousands of hearts all over the world. Now DFM guests have a great opportunity to inhale all the wonders of Juliette Has A Gun products.

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