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12 December 2017
Tasting of Vodka and Liqueurs

The tasting of legendary spirits which have become already traditional at Christmas tables in many families is held at Chisinau Airport. All the visitors are welcome to taste Rigas Balzams and Stolichnaya vodka.

Rigas Balzams 45% - black strong liqueur with unique taste. This elixir from herbs, roots and leaves was created by Abraham Kunze – a pharmacist from Riga in the middle of XVIII century. It’s known that the composition combines 24 natural components, yet the recipe is a top-secret. Riga Black Balsam comes in ceramic bottles protecting it from sun beams and extremes of temperature. Tasting notes include raspberry, blueberry, ginger, nutmeg, lime-blossom and a slight bitterness of birch buds. It goes well as it is, also mixed with tea, coffee, ice-cream, ice or in cocktails. The balsam is considered to be a cold remedy and is used to treat digestive problems.

Riga Black Balsam Currant 30% - new variation of the drink enriched with intensive tasting note. Such effect is achieved by the adding of blackcurrant juice into the classic recipe. The taste is smoother and velvety.

Stolichnaya Vodka is the most famous Russian vodka. The recipe and trade mark “Stolichnaya” was established in USSR in 1938. The first bottle appeared on the market in 1941 in Blockaded Leningrad. Today the main production of the drink is carried out at Latvijas Balzams distillery. The expositional quality is achieved by using only top “lux” spirits and special flitration which gives smooth and creamy taste.

Stolichnaya Gold – special edition of classic product. Velvety smooth taste with hints of citrus notes.

Stolichnaya Elit – classic ultra premium product launched in 2004. It’s filtered through shungite, quartz sand and Siberian birch charcoal. The spirit production involves the bland of rye and wheat from Tambov where the best sorts grow. Taste and aroma are filled with fresh notes of bread and oranges.

The tasting is held up to end of the month. Feel free to purchase the products at discounts.

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